One Wednesday

Contemplation / Meditation in the midst of Community

WHO are we?

We are anyone and everyone whose heart yearns for union, longs for more, yearns to experience that we are one -- even if only for one moment of such consciousness each month.

WHAT do we do?

We gather in silence -- without a leader other than our hearts.

We pray/meditate in silence for 20 to 30 minutes.

We depart in silence.

WHEN do we do this?

At 7pm on 1st Wednesday of each month.

WHERE do we do this?

We gather at the nearest house of worship -- church, temple, mosque, synagogue, ashram -- whose doors and hearts are open to receive and welcome all neighbors  -- everyone without excluding anyone.            

If no such house of worship is nearby or so open, then any gathering place will do -- from a home to a Starbucks.

If not able to gather with others, commit this time to this practice in the place of your choosing.

WHY do we do this?

We come together as a reminder that we are one, and we are aware of, and attentive to, our oneness when we come together without ego, without agenda, without posturing, without doctrines, without words.            

When we come together in silence and in Love, we are able to have an inner experience that we are one.

“Silence is the first language of God; all else is a poor translation.”
  -- St. John of the Cross
“Be still and know that I am God.”
--King David, Psalm 48:10
“We practice silence…to listen, to be mindful, to be aware; and we practice silence in community…as and because we are one.”
-- Pastor Lynn Miller, King of Kings Lutheran Church, Chantilly, VA
“I pray that all may be one.”
--Jesus the Christ, John 17:21
“In the sight of God all humans are one, and one person is all, and all persons are in one person."
-- Julian of Norwich
“Unity is not the same as uniformity. Unity is the reconciliation of differences and those differences must be maintained and yet overcome!”
-- Franciscan Richard Rohr, Silent Compassion